Zulu Stand Up Paddle Boards | Zulu SUP Design

Zulu SUP is committed to innovative design, materials, and construction techniques that ultimately produce one of the most durable and lightweight elite race boards on the market. Our hollow construction incorporates infusion composite molding to produce a consistently tough, carbon/kevlar fiber, honeycomb infusion laminate.

The Warrior Series of stand up paddle boards has a unique shape optimized for speed in choppy ocean conditions & flat water. The fore deck is domed and back deck cambered to make this one of the driest board decks on the market.

A key advantage this unique race board has is its flared, sharp entry point meeting the widest point behind the board’s midpoint. This feature allows these boards to pass seamlessly through the water, providing incredible stability and glide, with little turbulence or drag at the tail. The wide tail section lets the novice rider walk back and turn the board 360 degrees with speed and little effort.

This hybrid is the perfect all round elite race board designed for the serious competitor. This lightweight, hollow construction is tough and durable compared to other standup paddleboards. Custom build a race machine with us!